Located in the Old Market, this specialty library is focused on the stimulation and growth of creativity.

 The unique partnership between KANEKO and the University of Nebraska-Omaha has resulted in a space unlike any other;

the KANEKO-UNO Creativity Library is a space that provides resources, stimuli, opportunities, and intellectual possibilities for the future.

Come see for yourself the wonder of a creativity library.



 Monday – Thursday 10 am – 7 pm

Friday 10 am- 5 pm







The library’s collection features journals and books in fields that thrive on creative input- science, engineering, advertising, business, design, architecture, the humanities, and the arts. Also odd, nifty, weird, and creative  works not available in your average library.   Wall-mounted plasma television screens can become a video conferencing dream, a computer center capable of beautiful presentations, or a place to view fascinating DVDs.

The whole space is designed to facilitate learning and creativity, with comfortable chairs, couches, and tables.

Free Wi-Fi connects you to the UNO network, where you can access UNO’s vast collection of scholarly journals and databases while teleconferencing technology lets you connect with others.