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Author’s Book Talk In Search of the Crown… Memoir of a Black Beauty Queen by Dr. Catherine Pope BA’72 MS ‘75 | July 31

Dr. Catherine Pope will discuss her recently released book In Search of the Crown… Memoir of a Black Beauty Queen in Criss Library on Friday, July 31st from 1-3pm. Dr. Pope was profiled by graduate student Samantha Miller for the UNO Women’s Archive Project, which is edited by Prof. Tammie Kennedy, Department of English.

RSVP & Parking
To RSVP and arrange parking if you do not have a UNO parking permit contact Linda Riviera at 402-554-2640 or


Diane's Natural Art, a selection of artwork by Diane Lee Stasiak on display July 8 through August 14, 2015 at University of Nebraska at Omaha Criss Library's Osborne Family Gallery.


Books are printed in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of the reader and the interests of the publisher. The small books in this display can provide a window into both, from the daily prayer book small enough for one’s pocket to the artist’s book utilizing a concertina style. The small and miniature books displayed date from 1685 to 2010 and include travel guides, individual titles from large sets, as well as small press and artists’ books. A few of the books are small enough to qualify as miniature books, that is, books smaller than 3 inches in size. The slip cases of selected titles are also displayed in Archives & Special Collections.


The newest exhibit in Archives & Special Collections at Criss Library gives visitors a glimpse into the life of Chuck Hagel on the campaign trail in Nebraska in 1996 and 2002. When Hagel decided to run for U.S. Senate in 1996 he was virtually unknown to most Nebraskans. As such, Hagel needed to reach out to communities across the state if he intended to win the election. One way Hagel gained support was through local parades and events. This approach helped Hagel win the election and maintain his seat when he ran again in 2002. The photos on display provide a look into the many events, parades, and other local activities that Hagel, his family, his campaign staff, and his volunteers participated in across Nebraska to garner support for Hagel in his two runs for public office.


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