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Criss Library Hours for the week of Spring Break will be:

  Sunday, March 22:  Noon-9 pm
  Monday-Thursday, March 23-26:  7am-9 pm
  Friday, March 27:  7am-5 pm
  Saturday, March 28:  9am-5 pm
  Sunday, March 29:  Noon-Midnight

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A new exhibit What's Cooking: Cookbooks from Criss Library's Archives & Special Collections is now on display through June 9th in Archives & Special Collections.​A cookbook collects recipes and provides directions about how to prepare and cook food, but the contents of cookbooks also tell us about the eating habits and culinary practices of a people, region, or time period. These texts can also serve to educate the reader or share an appreciation of a particular cuisine. Some of the cookbooks on display here are also examples of the celebration of communities: work colleagues, a religious community, the state of Nebraska, the nations of Afghanistan and the United States, and more.

Kanopy: the new streaming media service offered by Criss Library. Check it out @

“The Flyover States”, a  photography exhibition

“The Flyover States”, a photography exhibition by Eric Anderson & Evan Ludes is currently on display in the UNO Criss Library Gallery.  The exhibit features photography from across the Midwest, seeking to share the beauty of a region often overlooked. From starry skies to urban storms and landscapes, The Flyover States can help both coastal visitors as well as local residents appreciate the dynamic scenes found in the heartland. The photographs were shot by Eric Anderson and Evan Ludes between 2010 and 2014.  Featured states include Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, and Wyoming.


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E-mail Address

Main Service Desk

(402) 554-3206


Allard, Diana: Access and Metadata Assistant

(402) 554-3203

Anderson, Todd: Main Service Desk - Day Supervisor

(402) 554-3214


Batalkin, Alex: Windows Systems Specialist

(402) 554-3308

Bishop, Katie: Humanities and Fine Arts Librarian

(402) 554-2992

Blackburn, Heidi: STEM Librarian

(402) 554-3211


Cast-Brede, Melissa: Education and Reference Librarian

(402) 554-3130

Chamley, Claire: Reference Associate

(402) 554-3638


DeFrank, Audrey: Interim Dean

(402) 554-3924


Erlandson, Rene: Virtual Services Director

(402) 554-2144


Fenner, Matthew: Reserves Assistant

(402) 554-2861


Gordon, Marc: Building Services Manager

(402) 554-3745


Hamilton, Cathy: Access and Metadata Associate

(402) 554-3203

Hillyer, Nora: Reseach Services Director

(402) 554-2138


Johnson, Eleanor: Social Sciences Librarian

(402) 554-3207


Klug, Chris: Documents Associate

(402) 554-3202

Kozel, Melinda: Creativity Library Associate

(402) 554-3213

Kroeger, Angela: Archives and Special Collections Associate

(402) 554-4159

Kuskie, Jeff: Electronic Resources Manager

(402) 554-2363


Letheby, Sarah: Patron Service Assistant

(402) 554-3206


Maher, Anna: Building Services Assistant

(402) 554-3745

Malnack, Beau: Library Business Manager

(402) 554-2916

McCurrin, Laine: Patron Services Assistant

(402) 554-3206

Minkner, Jon: Reference Associate

(402) 554-3003


Nash, Robert: Special Collections and Rare Books Librarian

(402) 554-2884

Neujahr, Joyce: Patron Services Director

(402) 554-3607

Nitcher, Jonathan: ILL Assistant

(402) 554-3209


Riviera, Linda: Staff Secretary III

(402) 554-2640

Rokisky, Emily: Institutional Repository Coordinator

(402) 554-2382


Amy Schindler: Archives and Special Collections Director

(402) 554-6046

Schwartz, Lori: Hagel Archivist

(402) 554-2496

Shaw, Jim: Documents Librarian

(402) 554-2225

Shultz, Danielle: Reference Desk Supervisor

(402) 554-3147

Simpson, Danielle: Acquisitions Assistant

(402) 554-2410

Skarda, Jacqueline: Creative Production Lab (CPL) Supervisor

(402) 554-2542

Smith, Rob: Main Service Desk - Night Supervisor

(402) 554-3214


Tuel, Kris: Network Services Manager

(402) 554-2451


Valentine, Les: University Archivist

(402) 554-2362


Wahab, Shaista: Afghanistan Collection and Intl Studies Librarian

(402) 554-2404

Walker, Catherine Kelly: Archives and Special Collections Associate

(402) 554-4030

Walters, Mark: ILL Coordinator

(402) 554-3209

Williams, Tyrome: Building Services Assistant

(402) 554-3745

Wright, Teonne: Webmaster

(402) 554-3122

Wyatt, Rich: Service Desk Assistant

(402) 554-3206